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    Team has experience in ATC and ATM resources
    with commercial partners for more than 20 years

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Aeromeans is a distributor company committed to offering air traffic control (ATC) supplies, as well as equipment and maintenance, working hand in hand with commercial allies that has more than 20 years in manufacturing and flight strips paper printers under the requirement the client's

Customer Support

The AEROMEANS team has experience in ATC and ATM resources with commercial partners for more than 20 years. Dealing effectively with any customized request, AEROMEANS can deliver anywhere within a span of days any stock breakdown or an emergency need. It offers fast delivery service, best quality, attractive price and express post-delivery service, for the ATC department.

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We have variable printing capability; The strips can be delivered in many number of size and finish, roll, fold or endoplast, cut. We select the most suitable and best qualified raw materials.

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  • Standard or custom request
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Flight Strip Paper Fanfold

A flight progress strip is a semi-rigid paper band is used to track a flight in air traffic control (ATC) and which is used as support of work toan air-traffic controller.

The principle of the bands of progression is very widespread throughout the world, but their contents, their format, their ranking and their use vary radically according to the types of air traffic control and the local work methods. Each band of progression represents the passage of a plane at a point of crossing, and then bands of progression are classified vertically by order of passage, constituting as many columns as there are controlled points of crossing in space.

Flight Strip Paper Rolls

FlightStrips is a Thermal Paper used by air traffic controllers ATC /ATM to print information regarding aircraft in flight.

  • High quality of sensitive top coat thermal paper
  • Dust free and very good resistance against external influences
  • Width and length following your request
  • Various choice of thickness and weight available
  • Without or with black mark printing
  • Coloured paper thermal topcoat side
  • Image durability min. 10 years
  • For Thermal printer up to 300 dpi
  • High smoothness to protect thermal printer’s head
  • ISO – PEFC Certification
  • FSC Certification, the mark of responsible forestry

Available in different sizes : Standard, coloured Topcoat side, with black mark or perforation.

Strips Holder

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Thermal Direct Printer

Pegasus 301 R/L is an industrial thermal progress strip printer for Air Traffic control ATC/ATM applications. Plug and play to replace old material using Thales TOPSKY Protocol.

Pegasus 301R/L uses all essential technical specifications of direct printing technology. It combines attractive design, robust mechanic, and powerful electronic development for RFID applications the printer can be equipped with an optional RFID unit to encode all common standard transponders.

Including electronics high technologies resolution thermal print head 11.81 dot per mm (300 dpi), Pegasus 301 offers the best thermal paper quality to keep a clear and durable printed information and preventing premature head failure.

Compact & rugged, it can be easily integrated into restricted place, hardware manufactured in Germany a reference of quality to work in difficult environment dusty, high temperature...

Using Pegasus 301 R/L you can create both flight strips fanfold or rolls paper.